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In 1906, a newspaper report described Enoggera Creek as being the place of waters - the land of pebbly creeks and running brooks.

Today the importance of "pebbly creeks" in supporting healthy waterways is especially appreciated owing to the fact that we have lost so many of them.

This commonly occurs due to aquatic weed infestation and also as a result of the rocks being coated in sediments flowing in from surrounding urban areas. Additionally there was the historical problem of the creekbed being cleared and coated over by a concrete lined channel to facilitate rapid stormwater run off.


Clean rocky riverbeds are valuable in providing a choice of ecological spaces for prawns, crays, snails. molluscs and water beetles to occupy.

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The rocky creekbed feature here in the Davidson Road creekside precinct has been installed both as reminder of the vital role this habitat plays in the life of our healthy creeks and also of the reported Aboriginal origins of the name of Enoggera Creek as being a place of waters associated with pebbly creeks and running brooks.

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