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It needs dedicated teamwork to revegetate our creek banks ...

it takes an entire community to care for them.

Our creeks are only as healthy as the water they receive from the surrounding urban areas.

Nurturing water sensitive community action is the only long term future our waterways have.

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The trackside interpretive posts around the 120m track that wanders through the regenerating bushland at the end of Davidson Street have QR code links providing access to further detail. Use the interactive map here to also explore this content.

From the earliest decades of European settlement of Brisbane, the rainforest located just three miles north of the town centre was recognised as being special.

As the Three Mile Scrub was cleared to make way for the development of Newmarket in the late 1800s however, the waterways which had once defined the precinct as a place of 'pebbly creeks and running brooks' came under devastating assault from both clearing and the impacts of urban pollution.

Since the 1980s, ongoing community action to revegetate and rehabilitate the banks along Enoggera Creek have once again established these places as being a refuge for both us and most importantly an increasing array of native wildlife.

With ongoing rehabilitation programs powered by community energy now in place, the next step is to focus on the degrading urban impacts that took the creeks out of action in the first place.

As a focal point for this expanded approach to the long term care of our creeks, a new water sensitive community action hub radiates out from the epicentre of Enoggera Creek as it snakes through its distinctive 'S' shaped bends opposite Davidson Street in Newmarket.

Here you can both enjoy the creek side regenerating habitats, while also learning about how your actions at home can make a positive impact towards the long term protection of our precious waterways.

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